Hybrid Bikes (Commuter/Leisure)

Whyte Bikes

Whitechapel Commuter

With more bike paths, cycling cafes and safety boosting law changes there’s never been a better time to ride, and the Whitechapel has been designed to make the most of that.




Portobello Commuter

Getting the best out of big tyres has made our mountain bikes multi award winners and we’ve applied exactly that same bigger is better mantra to our awesome urban bikes. Sitting the Portobello on oversized WTB 650B balloon tyres gives it a smoother, grippier ride that can shrug off kerbs and potholes but still accelerate fast enough to put you in pole position in the traffic light grand prix.


Carnaby Commuter

Whizzing down to that new cafe in town, beating the bus / car / train to work, taking the kids to school, bringing the shopping home or just taking some me time to be totally free in the country. Whatever reason you’re riding the Carnaby we’ve made sure you’ll love its mix of light and nimble road speed but reassuringly surefooted and confident mountain bike style handling.


Victoria Commuter

Our gorgeous Victoria puts all the advantages of going big into a perfectly shaped bike for smaller riders. The lightweight alloy frame and fork have been optimised to not just fit riders from 150cm – five feet upwards, but to deliver brilliantly balanced handling and a super lively feel that makes every ride a vibe.


Shoreditch Commuter

Shoreditch brings you everything that makes our Fast Urban bikes so brilliant. A lightweight alloy chassis for easy speed away from the lights or leaving town behind entirely. MTB style long wheelbase, stable steering so you can signal one handed in traffic as confidently as you can carve corners on country roads.



The Ridgeback Motion is the perfect bike for town or country and is ready to take on any incline thanks to its wide range of 21 gears. Whether you’re riding at speed on the flat, or negotiating a steep climb, the smooth-shifting Shimano gears provide you with the perfect option for every terrain, without hurting your legs. 


Our best value fully equipped utility bike, the Ridgeback Speed features full-length mudguards and a pannier rack, making it the perfect all-weather year-round ride.



With a lightweight aluminium frame and wide range of gears, the Ridgeback Velocity is modern utility bike built for everyday riding. Shimano’s reliable Acera groupset features 24-gears, making tough climbs manageable and still giving enough scope for high speed work on the flat.


Supernova Eq

Our range-topping utility bike is the ultimate British year-round high-speed commuting machine, featuring hub gears, disc brakes and integrated lights. The Supernova EQ is built with speed and practicality in mind, with no compromises across the plentiful specification.


Element Eq

Equipped for every eventuality, the Ridgeback Element EQ comes with all the accessories a modern, premium utility bike needs. Perfect for the city, the lightweight aluminium frame and fork give a responsive ride with a riser bar providing a more upright position for predictable handling.


Forme Hartington S7 Classic Bike

The Hartington S7 is our fashion focused, leisure bike. With a comfortable upright riding position, it’s perfect for those little trips to the village shops, rides through the park or nipping into town for a coffee.

Forme Hartington A21 Classic Bike

The Hartington is a functional yet fashionable bike that offers style and sophistication with a splash of fun. With its classic styling and modern geometry, it’s a bike that doesn’t only just look good but also rides as good as many other bikes in other sectors.


Raleigh Sherwood

With a distinct retro look and a gorgeous wicker-style basket, this Instagrammable bike was born for long, leisurely rides through the city. All you need is a baguette and a basketful of flowers to look like you stepped right out of a Pinterest board.

Raleigh Strada Crossbar

Versatility is the key to the design of the Strada range. Designed with fast, agile geometry and a sports style riding position to complement’s it’s stripped back design & lightweight Aluminium frame, this means there’s no excess weight to hold you back.

Raleigh Strada Crossbar City

Versatility is the key to the design of the Strada range. Designed for any occasion, the Strada City is built to cover the miles on your daily commute, or go touring through the countryside. Fitted with disc brakes to provide maximum stopping power.

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